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Wine Academy Croatia

Test znanja

  1. Which one of the following grape varieties makes Gavi

  2. Riesling grapes typically have

  3. Premium wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon age well because they have

  4. The sweetness and acidity of Pouilly-Fume would typically be

  5. In Champagne production, to disgorge means to

  6. On the nose, the aroma characteristics for mature Margaux would typically be

  7. Which one of the following is an Italian black grape variety?

  8. When serving a bottle of sparkling wine, what can one do to make the process easier and safer?

    1. Chill the wine.
    2. Hold the cork securely from the moment the wire cage is loosened.
    3. Twist the bottle gently whilst holding the cork.
    4. Which one of the following does not affect temperature in the vineyard?

    5. Which country’s specialities are wines made from Malbec and Torrontés?