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General terms and conditions of WSET Award in Wines & Spirits for all courses

The following terms and conditions apply equally to all participants:

  1. Eno kultura d.o.o. is the WSET Approved Programme organizer (hereinafter: the Organizer).
  2. The right of participation at WSET courses is accorded to all natural and legal persons that have delivered the filled out and certified Application (hereinafter: the Application) and accept the general terms and conditions of WSET Award in Wines & Spirits.
  3. The details of Applicants participation are stated in the Application. The Application, signed and certified by the Applicant will be delivered to the Organizer and is considered a written agreement. The deadline for the submission of the certified Application is written in the application form.
  4. Upon the received Application, the Organizer will send the confirmation email and deliver the offer to the Applicant based on the elements contained in the Application.
  5. Only with the payment on time that is according to the offer the Applicant ensures the participation at the course.
  6. If the Applicant does not pay the offer by the due date, the Organizer has the right to cancel the confirmed Application. A penalty interest will be charged on late payment.
  7. All the Applicants who make the payment 30 days before the start of the course are entitled to a discount of 10%. All the Applicants who make the payment 15 days before the start of the course are entitled to a discount of 5%.
  8. The prices listed in the Application are in kuna. Payments are made according to the offer based on the Application.
  9. The Application is irrevocable and obliges, all cancellation must be submitted in writing. If the Applicant cancels the participation 15 days before the beginning of course, he will be invoiced 30% of the agreed value of the exhibition space. In case of Applicant’s cancellation within 15 days or less from the beginning of the course, he will be invoiced the full price of the course.
  10. Possible financial disputes between the Applicant and the Organizer will be settled by arrangements, and if they fail, the Court in Zagreb will have jurisdiction.