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Wine Academy Croatia

Test znanja

  1. Which winemaking technique is used to produce a red wine with low tannin and deep colour?

  2. Eden valley is best known for which type of wine?

  3. Which of the following regions have built up a reputation for aromatic white wines?

    1. Rías Baixas.
    2. Rueda.
    3. Toro.
  4. What is Chile best known for producing?

  5. Which one of the following statements concerning the Lower Murray Zone is true

  6. Wines made from Barbera are typically?

  7. Which grape variety is NOT used in the production of Port?

  8. Which German wine region is sheltered by the Haardt Mountains?

  9. What are the ideal autumn weather conditions for the development of noble rot?

  10. Which one of the following is an example of a low-trained, cane-pruned system of vine cultivation?